Max GTL+ Technology

The Scientific and technical potential received during teamwork of leading Russian and Ukrainian research institutes and enterprises of mechanical engineering, has allowed to develop the most effective work for today technology in relation to GTL.

Gas to Liquids (GTL) is the term used to describe the chemical conversion of a gas containing hydrogen and carbon monoxide into synthetic crude (syncrude) by the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis process. The syncrude is then refined by traditional methods to produce liquid transport fuels. As a feedstock, the process uses synthesis gas (syngas) generated from the gasification of solid, liquid or gaseous carbon rich materials like natural gas or APG.

Our technology allows to process hydrocarbon resources into transportable and popular products on the world market: synthetic oil and synthetic diesel fuel standard (Euro 4 and Euro 5) which are far superior in quality to products from the natural oil.

MaxGTL+ can convert natural gas directly into the fields, onshore and offshore platforms. In addition to highly stable transportable liquid products it can also produce additional electricity and heat.

The unique technique solves a problem of a purification, a dehydration and a gas processing in transportable block-modular complexes (BMC), some kind of movable gas-processing factories, in synthesis oil and in synthetic fuel.